There are various situation you may want to deactivate the license in a site:

For some reason, you do not have access the site or you do not want to use the license on that particular site.
To fix license related problem, you may need to deactivate and activate the license.
Migrating site from staging to production site.

If you’re in any of the above situations or want to simply learn about deactivating, please do the following:

Login to your Zakra Theme Account:
Go to Websites and click on the website link in which you want to deactivate the license.
Then, you’ll see a link saying Deactivate, click it and confirm (See Screenshot 1 below)
Finally, you can go to Your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Zakra Pro License Manager and click Sync link (See Screenshot 2 below)

Deactivate License from Zakra Theme Account

Sync Zakra License from WordPress Dashboard
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