This is the default typography that applies to your whole site.

Note: If you want different typography for the different sections instead of the same, then you can override the base typography using the typography option provided in the specific sections. For example, to choose different typography for the Menu, go to that specific section of the Customizer and select the typography. That will override whatever typography has been selected as the Base Typography.

Location: Appearance > Customize > Global > Typography > Base Typography section.


Under the Body option, choose the customization for body fonts such as Font Family, Variant, Font Size, and Line Height.

The image showing body font in a single post is as below:

Body Typography


Under the Heading option, choose the customization for heading fonts such as font family, variant, font size and Line Height.

The image shows heading typography is as below:

Heading Typography

For additional features: How to change the Typography of the site? (Pro)
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