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How to change Link Colors of the site?

Location:  Appearance → Customize → Global → Colors → Links

As the name suggests, the option lets you change the color of the texts embedded with Links. It only works for the link text added on posts/pages and not for the custom links on your menu.

Note: If you want different link colors for the different sections instead of the same Link Colors, then you can override the link colors using the color option provided in the specific sections. For example, to choose a different link color for the Header, go to that specific section of the Customizer and select the color. That will override whatever color has been selected as the Link Color.

Under the link, there are two options:

Color - It changes the color of the link on the site.

Hover Color - It changes the color of the link on Hover State.

Change Link Color

For additional features: How to change the Link Colors of the site? (Pro)

Updated on: 15/07/2023

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