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How to Change the Layout and Width of the Content Area?

Location : Appearance → Customize → Global → Container

Container area refers to the area or space where the main content of the website is placed. Basically, it is an area where we display the content. Zakra allows customizing the container area with various options listed below:


Under the General settings, you’ll find the following two options listed:


Container Layout determines how the content is structured, aligned, and positioned within the given boundaries. Zakra offers two types of container layouts that are globally applied to the entire website.

Wide – In this layout, the content is stretched out horizontally to the full width of the screen.

Container on Wide Layout

Boxed – In this layout, the contents appear within a box surrounded by empty spaces or borders on all sides.

Container on Boxed Layout


Zakra Theme allows you to adjust the width of your overall site container. Container width determines the maximum area where the content will be displayed. The container width can be set between 768px - 1920px. You can move the slider to the right area to increase the container width value.

Below, you can check the images displaying the site layout when adjusting various container widths:

Container width on 768px

Container Width on 768px

Container width on 1920px

Container width on 1920px

If you want to set a different width for an individual page, refer to this article: How to change the width (sidebar/content/container) of an individual page (Pro)?

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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