It applies the chosen style and colors to all the buttons of your site.

If you want different colors and designs for the button of different sections, then you can override the default button settings with the option provided in specific sections. For example, To style the header button, go to the Header Section of the Customizer and select the required option.

Location: Appearance > Customize > Global > Button

For information regarding the options available in the free version, go through this article: How to change the design of the button of the site?

With the Zakra Pro Add-On, there are more ways to customize the design of the buttons on your site.

Border: Select the size of the border around the button.

Border Color: Select the color of the border around the button.

These options are shown in the image below:

Border Hover Color: Select the color of the border during Hover state.

Margin: Set the size of the margins around the button.

It is shown in the image below.

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