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How to Change the Content Area Layout?

Location: Appearance → Customize → Global → Content Area.

The Content Area refers to the area or space where the actual content of the post/page as well as the sidebar will be website is placed. It doesn't include the Header and Footer area. Zakra allows changing the layout of the container area with various options listed below:


Content Layout determines how the content is structured, aligned, and positioned within the given boundaries. Zakra offers two types of container layouts that are globally applied to the entire website.

Bordered – In this layout, the contents is separated using the Border. With each posts in the category page, there appears a border line that separated each posts.

Bordered Content Area Layout

Boxed – In this layout, the contents is separated using the Box. Each post in the category page is added inside a box that separated the posts.

Boxed Content Area Layout

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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