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GDPR Compliance and Google Fonts

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance and Google Fonts are different terms but closely related. The GDPR is a European Union regulation for data protection and privacy in the EU and European Economic Area.

GDPR compliance while using the Google Font API is a hot topic worldwide, with various websites being fined with penalties. Explaining the scenario, Google Font is a web font service provided by Google. The Google Font collects the request from the user, fetches the file from its server, and delivers it to the user to produce the fonts. While doing the process, the Google server needs the user’s IP address to deliver the file.

The user’s IP address is personal information that helps identify the user. Sharing such private details of the user without their concern with the third-party services leads to violating the GDPR laws. Thus, Google Fonts violates GDPR.

How to Use the Google Font While being the GDPR Compliant?

Although being GDPR compliant, you can use the Google Font along with the Zakra theme. With the release of the Zakra Pro 1.4.2. we have released the option to load the Google font locally rather than from the server. Here are a few steps to follow:

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.
Click on Global > Typography. From the option available, choose the Google font for your Base and Heading section of the site.
Once done, return and navigate to Additional > Optimization.
Enable the option to Load the Google fonts locally.

Following the steps above, your font is now loaded locally and not from the Google server. This will help the site visitors eliminate the need to give their site IP address to Google. And Yes, it is possible to use the Google font without violating the GDPR.

Load Google Font Locally

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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