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How to change/remove the Logo image in Zakra?

After importing one of the Zakra demos like Business, Charity, etc., changing the logo from Customizer won’t affect the homepage. It is due to the fact that Zakra has two ways of adding a logo. The first is using the Customizer , and the second way is from the Page Settings.

The logo from the Customizer appears on all pages which do not have their own logo uploaded. Since the logo on the homepage of the demo comes from Page Settings, it overrides the logo from Customizer. So, you can use the Page Settings to change or remove the logo if you are unable to do so with the Customizer.

To change or remove the logo of your homepage, edit the page and then use Page Settings.

It is shown in the image below:

Editing the Homepage

To change or upload the logo, using Page Settings or follow the steps below:

From your Dashboard go to Pages and select the Page that you want to customize.
At the bottom of the page, check for the Page Settings option and navigate to Page Settings > Header.
Go to the Logo option to change or upload a new logo.

It is shown in the image below:

Changing or uploading the logo using Page Settings

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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