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How to import specific Elementor section or page from any of the zakra demos?

Designing your site from scratch is time-consuming. With the help of Zakra Starter Sites and Elementor, you can easily create your site with attractive pages and sections. All you need to do is download and import any of Zakra demos. Have a look at ready to import Zakra Demos here.

If you like any of Zakra demos and want to import them. You can do it with a single click. Refer to this article for full demo import: How to import Zakra starter sites?

You might like to import only some of the pages or sections of any of the Zakra demos. In this case, you can easily download the file of your choice of page or section and import it on your site.

Follow the steps below:

Go to , click on the Clone or download button at the right side corner and download the zip file.

Extract the zip file and find the demo of your choice inside the resources folder.

Choose a page or section of the demo of your choice. You can view each section image in the sections folder and choose it per your need.

Go to your site dashboard where you want to import the page. Navigate to Templates > Add New, and close the wizard that pops up.

Click on Import Templates and upload the page or section file you have chosen, i.e., JSON file, and click on Import Now.

Edit the page of your site with Elementor where you want to import the demo page or section.

Click on Add Template icon .

Select your template and click Insert.

Save it by clicking on Update.

Note: To match the imported sections or page with your site, you may need to change the typography, color, size, and other parameters. Refer: How to edit Elementor Pages in Zakra Theme?

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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