Sometimes, after the demo import, the site may not exactly look like the original demo. There are plenty of reasons for this. To list a few, some sections of the imported content might be missing or some design issues like improper text alignment, misplaced buttons, etc, might occur. Similarly, some error or warning messages on your site might also be displayed if you have wp debug enabled. Because of such reasons, your site will look unmanaged. In order to fix these issues in Zakra, you do not need to import the demo again.

You can fix the unfinished demo with a click of a button. Please follow the steps below for that:

Check for Fix Imported Demo button on top of the demo importer page.

Click on the button and with that, your demo will be fixed to look like the original one.

Fix Imported Demo Demo Importer Page


If you are not able to see the button, you can also go to Dashboard of your WordPress and check it there.

With this, your imported demo will look exactly like the original one that appears on Zakra's Demo Page.
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