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Dynamic Strings for Footer Copyright Content

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With Zakra 1.5.8, we have introduced Dynamic Strings that you can use to display the current year, site title, etc. Before we move further, let's learn a little more about dynamic strings and how it works on your site.

Now you might be questioning around why the dynamic strings are necessary for your site!! Let us explain to you by an example below:

In the footer copyright of the site, you can find the year, but as the days pass on, the date is outdated. Suppose you designed the site in 2021, but as we enter the year 2022, the year doesn't automatically change to 2022.

In this case, dynamic strings come to work. Adding the string {the-year} will automatically display the current year, not the outdated one. Moreover, you don't have to change the year manually every year. Besides year it helps you add the site link, theme name with the author, WordPress link, etc.

You can use the string mentioned below in the copyright text editor to generate dynamic strings like the current year, site’s link, etc.

More information is below:

{the-year} - Generates the current year.
{site-link} - Generates current site link with title.
{theme-link} - Generates theme name with author link.
{wp-link} - Generates WordPress link.

Footer Copyright Content

Note: The dynamic strings are only available for the footer bottom bar left and right content.

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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