Follow the steps below:

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > Footer > Footer Widgets section.
Under the Footer Widgets Style option, choose the Style such as one column, two columns, three columns or four columns for footer widgets.

You have the following options under Style:

First option: single column layout.
Second option: 2 column layout.
Third option: 3 column layout.
Fourth option: 4 column layout.

To view more options available in the Pro version, go through this article: How to show the Footer Widgets in various columns? (Pro)

It is shown in the image below:

2 column style of footer widget

4 column style of footer widget

If you want to choose a different layout for an individual page, i.e.avaialble in Pro only. Refer to this article: How to select a different layout for the Footer Widgets in an individual page? (Pro)
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