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Primary Menu Overview

Location : Appearance > Customize > Header & Navigation > Primary Menu

This theme provides you with various options to customize the Primary Menu of your site.

It includes the following options:


Enable - Toggle the option to the right side, which will display the Primary Menu on the header area.

Enable Primary Menu

Priority Plus Navigation - It displays the menu items in a single line if you want to display long primary menu. For more details please check the guideline: Keep Menu Items on One Line.

Border Bottom

It displays the border at the bottom of the Primary Menu area and comes with the following two options:

Width - Choose the Thickness of the bottom border size of the primary menu.

Color - Choose the Color of the bottom border size of the primary menu.

Customize Border Bottom of Primary Menu Area

Main Menu

General: The option allows you add various styles on primary menu items such as Underline, Left and Right Border.

Below is an image with Underline Border style in primary menu items.

Primary Menu Items with Underline Border

Style: It allows you to change the color and typography of the primary menu items.

Color - Change the Color of the menu items during Normal, Hover and Active State.

Typography - Change the font family, font size, font weight and other typography option of the menu items.

These options are shown in the image below:

Change Primary Menu Color and Typography

For additional features: Primary Menu Overview (Pro)

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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