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How to enable/disable Header for an individual page? (Pro)

The Zakra Pro Add-on allows you to choose to enable or disable the Header Top Bar and Header Main Area for any specific page.

Just follow the steps below:

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Pages > All Pages section.
Choose the required Page that you want to customize.
At the bottom of the page, check for the Page Settings option.
Under the Page Settings option, go to the Header option.

Header Main Area

Check Enable Header Main Area to enable and uncheck it to disable it.

Header Top Bar

Under Enable Header Top Bar option, you can choose from these three options:
Default: Use the setting saved in the customizer.
Enable: Enable the Header Top Bar.
Disable: Disable the Header Top Bar.

These options are shown in the image below:

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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