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How to create Temporary Login for WordPress Dashboard Without Password?

Respecting the security and privacy value, we minimize providing admin access to our WordPress Dashboard. But there might be some cases where providing admin access becomes necessary. In this situation, you can create temporary login access to the WordPress site to achieve the goal.

You can follow the steps below to create temporary login access to the site.

Step 1: Install and Activate the Temporary Login Without Password plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. To install and activate the plugin, you can follow the steps suggested here: Install a WordPress Plugin

Step 2: Once the plugin has been installed and activated, it automatically redirects you to the area from where you can create temporary access. If it doesn’t redirect, you can navigate to WordPress Dashboard > User > Temporary Logins.

Step 3: It displays a form where you must fill in the required details, such as the Email Address, First and Last Name, Role, and Expiry Date. (While filling out the forms, you can add your own details such as name, email address, etc. Regarding the role and expiry date, you can consult with the one asking for access and provide it accordingly).

Step 4: Once the information is filled up, hit the Submit button, which will generate a shareable link. You can copy the link and provide it to the one who wants to access your site.

Creating Temporary Access Without Password

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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