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How to change the (Sidebar/ Content/ Container) width of an individual page? (Pro)

With the Zakra Pro Add-On, you can choose a different width for specific pages.

Just follow the steps shown below:

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Pages > All Pages section.
Choose the required Page that you want to customize.
At the bottom of the page, check for the Page Settings option.
Under the Page Settings option, go to the General option.

Then, you can choose from the given options:

Container Width: Changes your site width. It is measured in Pixels (px).

Content Width: Changes the content width. Generally, it is the area with the content when your sidebar is enabled. It is given in percentage.

Sidebar Width: Changes the sidebar width. It is also given in percentage.

Content and Sidebar Width are percentages, so the total result must be 100%. If you give 60% for your content, the width of your sidebar should not exceed 40%.

It is shown in the image below:

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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