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Header Media Overview (Pro)

Location : Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Media

The Zakra Pro plugin adds more features/options for header media. The available features/options are listed below:

Header Media Position: We have provided three options to choose from:

Below Header: Header Media on bottom, logo and menu on top.

Header Media Position: Below Header

Above Header: Header Media on top, logo and menu on bottom.

Header Media Position: Above Header

Between Header Top and Header Main: Header top bar at the top, header media at the middle and logo and menu on bottom.

Note: Need to enable Header Top otherwise it would look similar like Above Header.

Header Media Position: Between Header Top and Header Main

Header Media Visibility: You can change the visibility of header media. The available options are:
All Pages: Show the header media on all pages.
Front Page Only: Show the header media on front page or homepage only.
Other than Front Page: Show the header media on all pages except the front page or homepage.

Link To: You can make the header image clickable and redirect to certain URL. Here are the options:
Home Page: This will redirect to the home page of your site.
Custom Link: This will redirect to the custom URL that you set.

Enable CTA: Zakra Pro plugin lets you to add a Call To Action (CTA).

Layout: You can change the alignment of the CTA. Choose the Style from available options like below:
First Option: CTA aligned to left.
Second Option: CTA aligned to center.
Third Option: CTA aligned to right.

The First option is shown in the image below.

Title: Add your CTA title.
Text: Add your CTA description or text.
Button: Add your CTA button text.
Button URL: Add your CTA button URL.

With Zakra Pro 1.2.5 we have introduced header media CTA styling options.

Updated on: 10/09/2021

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