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Header Main Area Overview

Location: Appearance → Customize → Header & Navigation → Main Header

This theme provides you with the following options in the Main Header.


The theme allows customizing the main header area with various layouts. Currently, there are two layout styles, each with multiple styles/designs for displaying the header area. The options are listed below:

Layout 1: Layout 1 allows switching the Site Identity and Navigation Menu position. It provided three styles to display the logo area and menu. The options are listed below:

Style 1: Site Identity on the Left & Navigation Menu on the Right side.

Main Header with Layout 1 and Style 1

Style 2: Site Identity and Logo at the Centre.

Main Header with Layout 1 and Style 2

Style 3: Site Identity on the Right & Navigation Menu on the Left side.

Main Header with Layout 1 and Style 3

Layout 2: Layout 2 is about displaying the Site Identity at the top with menu below it

Main Header with Layout 3


Zakra theme option to set the background for the Main Header area. You can add the Color or Image to customize the main header background.

Change Main Header Background Color


Use the Border Bottom Size option to change the size of the border.

Use the Border Bottom Color option to change the color of the border.

It is shown in the image below:

Change Main Header Border Bottom Width and Color

For additional features: Header Main Area Overview (Pro)

Updated on: 15/07/2023

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