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Header Button Overview

This theme provides you with an option to add a button on the header, which you can customize as you choose.

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header & Navigation > Button.

It includes the following options:


Add Button Text and Link

Open link in new tab: This option can be used to open the links in a new tab when the button is clicked.


Color: Change the color of the text in the button on Normal and Hover State.

Background: Set the background color of the button on Normal and Hover State.

Padding: It sets the button padding spaces for all four sides, i.e., Left, Right, Top, and Bottom.


Radius: Change the border radius of the button and make it more rounded.

These options are shown in the image below:

Customize Header Button Area

For additional features: Header Button Overview (Pro)

Updated on: 16/07/2023

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